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00152ES1E182T-W22 Weg Motor 1.5HP 1200 182T TEFC 208-230/460V 1Ph

Weg 00152ES1E182T-W22 1.5hp single phase motor features a high starting torque, durable ball bearings, and seals to protect against moisture and contaminents.

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    Weg 00152ES1E182T-W22 single phase electric motor for most general applications, including pumps, fans, compressors, and conveyors. Standard features include starting capacitors, cast iron frames, rigid base, and oversized ball bearings to ensure extended motor life are all standard features.

    Weg is a world leader in quality motor manufacturing for commercial and industrial applications. Don;'t let the low prices fool you - these are really well made motors! Use in manufacturing, petro-chem, water treatment and more.


      • Electric Motors

        Frame 182/4T
        Output 1.5 HP (1.1 kW)
        Number of Poles 6
        Frequency 60 Hz
        Rated speed 1185 rpm
        Slip 1.25 %
        Rated voltage 208-230/460 V
        Rated current 8.50-8.50/4.25 A
        L. R. Amperes 69.7-69.7/34.8 A
        LRC 8.2x(Code M)
        No load current 4.83-5.60/2.80 A
        Rated torque 6.56 ft.lb
        Locked rotor torque 250 %
        Breakdown torque 320 %
        Locked rotor time 18s (cold) 10s (hot)
        Moment of inertia (J) 0.5657 sq.ft.lb
        Insulation Class F
        Temperature rise 80 K
        Service factor 1.15 (1.00 @ 208V)
        Duty Cycle Cont.(S1)
        Starting Method Direct On Line
        Ambient temperature -20°C to +40°C
        Altitude 1000 m.a.s.l.
        Degree of Protection IP55
        Enclosure IC411 - TEFC
        Mounting F-1
        Rotation¹ Both (CW and CCW)
        Noise Level² 60.0 dB(A)
        Approx. weight³ 0.0 lb
        (1) Looking the motor from the shaft end.; (2) Measured at 1m and with tolerance of +3dB(A).; (3) Approximate weight, subject to be changed after manufacturing process.; (4) At 100% of full load.


        58.4  67.3  72.0 

        Power factor

        0.62  0.72  0.78