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174668.00 Leeson 10HP 480-590V 11AMPS 3 Phase

Leeson variable frequency drive 74668 for AC electric vector motors. Reliable motor speed control at a low price!

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    Leeson variable frequency drives are reliable solutions for your industrial motor control needs for AC vector motors with open loop flux design. Built for three phase input and output power source, this versatile variable frequency drive can be used for a wide range of applications, including HVAC, machinery, conveying systems, and food processing. Enjoy a comprehensive range of programming methods and commands; eight preset speeds; and a comprehensive range of programming options.


    More features for the 174668.00 Leeson motor speed control include:


    • NEMA 4 IP65 Enclosure
    • Fan cooled
    • Modes of operation: Open loop flux vector (speed or torque); V/Hz (constant or variable); Enhanced V/Hz with auto-tuning
    • User friendly keypad & Display 6-Button Interface
    • Acceleration/Deceleration Profiles: Two Independent accel ramps; Two Independent decel ramps; Linear or S-type; Auxiliary ramp-to-stop
    • Output Frequency: 500 Hz Std., 1000 Hz optional
    • Selectable Logic Assertion: Positive logic input (PNP current sourcing); Negative logic input (NPN current sinking)
    • Loss of follower management
    • Programming methods: Drive front; Optional remote keypad; TechLink software (leeson.com); or EPM programmer
    • Speed commands: keypad, jog, floating point control
    • Voltage: Scalable 0-10 VDC
    • Current: Scalable 4-20 mA, potentiometer,
    • 8 Preset speeds
    • Process control: PID modes: direct or reverse acting,
    • PID sleep mode
    • Voltage and Current monitoring
    • Real time monitoring: 8register fault history, software version drive network ID, DC bus
    • Voltage (V), motor voltage (V), output current (%) Motor current (A), motor torque (%), power (kW) Energy consumption (kWh), heatsink
    • Temperature(°C), 0-10 VDC input (user defined), 4-20 mA input (user defined) PID feedback (user defined), analog output (% load, %torque, kW), network speed (baud rate), terminal continuity, keypad status
    • Elapsed run time (hours), elapsed power on time (hours)