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174627.00 Leeson SM2 VFD 10HP 400/480V 14 Amps 3 Phase

Leeson 174627.00 SM2 Series Flux Vector carries all the features required by demanding applications.

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    Leeson Electric is a leading variable speed drives manufacturer. These SM2 Series Inverters utilize the latest software technology and power conversion circuitry. Designed to use with AC vector motors with open loop flux vector designs. Leeson Speedmaster drives can be used in a wide range of applications, including food processing, machinery, material handling, and HVAC systems.

    Easy to install and operate, you can program the Vector control from the front, with a remote keypad, with a PC using TechLink software (available free from www.leeson.com), or through the innovative EPM programmer. More features for the Leeson SM2 include:

    • Modes of operation: Open loop flux vector (speed or torque); V/Hz (constant or variable); Enhanced V/Hz with auto-tuning
    • Easy to Use Keypad & Display 6-Button Interface: Start; Stop; Forward/reverse; Scroll up; Scroll down; Enter/mode
    • Vivid Illumination: 4digit LED display; Easy to read from a distance; Movable decimal point
    • Acceleration/Deceleration Profiles: Two Independent accel ramps; Two Independent decel ramps; Linear or S-type; Auxiliary ramp-to-stop
    • Output Frequency: 500 Hz Std., 1000 Hz optional
    • Selectable Logic Assertion: Positive logic input (PNP current sourcing); Negative logic input (NPN current sinking)
    • Loss of follower management
    • Speed commands: keypad, jog, floating point control
    • Voltage: Scalable 0-10 VDC
    • Current: Scalable 4-20 mA, potentiometer,
    • 8 Preset speeds
    • Process control: PID modes: direct or reverse acting,
    • PID sleep mode
    • Voltage monitoring
    • Current monitoring
    • Real time monitoring: 8register fault history, software version drive network ID, DC bus
    • Voltage (V), motor voltage (V), output current (%) Motor current (A), motor torque (%), power (kW) Energy consumption (kWh), heatsink
    • Temperature(°C), 0-10 VDC input (user defined), 4-20 mA input (user defined) PID feedback (user defined), analog output (% load, %torque, kW), network speed (baud rate), terminal continuity,keypad status
    • Elapsed run time (hours), elapsed power on time (hours)
    • Standards: UL (USA), cUL (Canada), CE (Europe), GOST (Russia/Ukraine) C-Tick (Australia/New Zealand)


    Speedmaster Drive FAQs:

    • How much space is required around the variable speed drive?

    Depending on the VFD series that is being used, maintain the following spacing around each VFD: Micro Series: 2 inches below 5 HP; 4 inches for 5-25 HP; 6 inches for 25-60 HP; 8 inches above 60 HP. SM Plus Series & SM-Series: 1 inch on each side and 2 inches on the top and bottom for 10 HP and below; 1inch on each side and 4 inches on the top and bottom for 15-25 HP.

    •  What is the maximum distance the motor can be from the VFD?

    The motor should be located as close to the VFD as possible (100 feet or less). For applications where the motor is more than 100 feet away from the drive, a load reactor or dV/dt filter should be installed. As motor lead length increases, voltage spikes generated by the VFD’s output transistors become amplified, and may result in motor failure. Adding an output reactor or dV/dt filter reduces the spikes.

    •  Can you program a VFD while it is running?

     Yes, but the changes will not take effect until after the VFD is restarted.