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174557.00 Leeson Micro Drives 15HP 42Amp 200-240V 3Ph

Leeson Speedmaster variable speed drives offer "big drive" full features for adapting standard or premium efficiency three phase motors to adjustable speed operation. The Leeson three phase micro VFD comes with built-in quick start settings, 4 preset speeds, password protection, and flexible programming and braking options.

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    Leeson Speedmaster micro variable speed drives come with built-in quick start settings and 4 preset speeds. Enjoy password protected programming for ease of mind about accidental (or intentional!) changes being made. Remote keypads and dynamic braking kits are available. More features include:

    • NEMA 1 (IP31) enclosure
    • 200-240V Input Three Phase
    • 16 bit Intel microprocessor
    • Steel enclosure with aluminum heat sinks
    • One minute 150% overload capacity
    • Adjustable carrier frequency, acceleration, and deceleration; plus forward and reverse directions
    • Time and voltage adjustable DC braking
    • Analog output signal 0-10VDC speed or load

    Leeson Electric manufactures quality and reliable industry products for a wide range of applications. Contact Us if you need more information. 


    Here are some variable frequency drive FAQs:


    •  What type of motor should be used with the VFD?


    In general, the VFD will operate with any standard three phase NEMA Design B induction motor


    that has a full load current rating less than or equal to the VFD’s output current rating.


    •  How much space is required around the VFD?


    Depending on the VFD series that is being used, maintain the following spacing around each VFD: Micro Series: 2 inches below 5 HP; 4 inches for 5-25 HP; 6 inches for 25-60 HP; 8 inches above 60 HP. SM Plus Series & SM-Series: 1 inch on each side and 2 inches on the top and bottom for 10 HP and below; 1inch on each side and 4 inches on the top and bottom for 15-25 HP.


    •  What is the maximum distance the motor can be from the VFD?


    The motor should be located as close to the VFD as possible (100 feet or less). For applications where the motor is more than 100 feet away from the drive, a load reactor or dV/dt filter should be installed. As motor lead length increases, voltage spikes generated by the VFD’s output transistors become amplified, and may result in motor failure. Adding an output reactor or dV/dt filter reduces the spikes.


    •  Can you program a VFD while it is running?


     Yes, but the changes will not take effect until after the VFD is restarted.


    •  What size circuit breaker or input fuses should be used to protect the VFD?


    Select a magnetic circuit breaker or fuse rated at 1.5 times the input current rating of the VFD. For the Micro Series, SM and SM-Plus Series, the minimum fuse size should be 10 amps, regardless of the input current. The 10 amp minimum is required to accommodate the inrush during power up. The VFD provides motor protection.


    •  What is the input voltage tolerance of the VFDs?


     Leeson VFDs have input voltage tolerances of +10% and -15%.


    •  Can the factory password be changed?


    Yes, the password can be changed to any value from 0000 to 9999. In the SM-Pls & SM Series, the password can be changed to any value from 000 to 999. If the password is forgotten, contact Leeson for a special password that will allow the operator to enter the programming mode.