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174549.00 Leeson Speedmaster Drive 7.5HP 480-590V 9Amps 3 Phase

Leeson Speedmaster drive has a food-safe white epoxy finish and is sealed tight for water exposure. This Washguard VFD is easy to install and startup with pre-programmed parameters.

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    Leeson Speedmaster washguard drives are popular motor controls for several reasons. They come with four preset speeds and fast startup options; and the programming is easy to maneuver. Designed for harsh environments with water and chemical washdown exposure, such as in the food industry, drives have a NEMA 4/12 (IP65 / IP54) enclosure. The white epoxy finish won’t chip and get into the product. Leeson Micro Washguard inverters are password protected for ease of mind. 

    More Leeson drives features include:

    • No external cooling fan required
    • Constant torque with adjustable current limit
    • 150% overload capacity for one minute
    • Adjustable carrier frequency
    • Adjustable acceleration and deceleration
    • Slip compensation
    • Output signal, 0-10 VDC, speed or load
    • Time and voltage adjustable Dc braking
    • PID software built-in for motor feedback
    • Adjustable DC braking
    • Analog output signal 0-10VDC speed or load


    Remote keypads and dynamic braking kits sold seperately.