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K1102 Century Jet Pump Motor 1HP 3450RPM 56C ODP 115/230V Single Phase REV 16.2 AMPS

Discount Prices on Century Motors which provides one of the biggest selections of jet pump systems for well pumps, sprinklers, pool pumps and more.  K1102 Century Jet Pump is no different and gives you reliability, quality, durability and long lasting life.

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    Century manufactures high quality pump motors for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, including these jet pump motors. Jet pumps are primarily used in sprinkler systems, shallow wells (max 25’ depth-to-water) and deep wells (80-100’ depending on pump size).Convertible jet pump systems are designed to be adaptable for either a shallow well or a deep well applications; depending on the ejector package used. Jet pumps can also be used pools and spas, unless otherwise indicated.


    The replacement pump needs to be at least the same or higher in horsepower (HP x service factor) of the motor being replaced. Ideally, you want to maintain the same horsepower for two reasons: to avoid a higher energy bill and to avoid problems of rapid cycling (your pressure tank needs to be large enough).


    Features for K1102 Century jet pump includes:

    • Auto Protector 
    • Continuous Duty 
    • High Service Factors 
    • Ball Bearings
    • Sealed Switch Design 
    • NEMA “56C” Mount 
    • Reversible 
    • 40˚C Ambient 
    • “778” Design 
    • Capacitor Start 
    • 60 Hz 
    • Carbon Keyed Shaft
    • Internally Mounted Capacitor
    • WARNING: Not a suitable replacement for swim pool pump motors


    Go to www.centuryelectricmotor.com for great technical support, including pump motor specs, dimension drawings, and wiring diagrams. Please Contact Square One Electric if you can't find what you need.