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Baldor 75 hp Industrial Electric Motors Distributor

Baldor manufactures quality 100 hp electric motors for nmost commercial and industrial applications, Their energy efficient, American made motors come with a wide range of choices in body material (rolled steel, cast iron, and stainless steel); enclosure (encl or open); premium energy efficiency; mounting (C face mount; D Flange mount; horizontal and vertical); and speed. With so many options you're bound to find the motor you need! Enjoy quality construction with increased uptime and a manufacturer's warranty that ranges from 1 to 3 years, depending on the product 


Some of the industries where you’ll find a 100HP Baldor electric motor include:

  • Aggregate & Cement – Meet supply and demand with durable Baldor equipment that withstands tough applications like a pro. Avoid breakdowns and maintain production with Baldor electric motors, bearings, gearing, and mechanical power transmission components.
  • Air Handling – Enjoy a smooth running and efficient air handling system that has minimal breakdowns and saves you money on energy savings. Baldor’s high-speed bearings, speed reducers, couplings, pulleys, and drive components, as well as energy-efficient electric motors and drives, are your solution.
  • Baggage Handling – Baldor meets the high demand that airports have with large volumes of luggage handling. Baldor Reliance Dodge offers dependable motors, components, brakes, and gearing for every conveyor, whether it’s for the Ticket Counter, Sorting, or Baggage Claim.
  • Chemical, Oil, & Gas – From mining to refining, fracking to drilling, Baldor makes IEEE 841 motors for the severe conditions of the gas and oil industries.
  • Mining – Baldor products shine in the bulk material handling field, which must meet the growing demand for raw materials. Together with Baldor, engineer a turn-key conveyor system built with dependable, long lasting equipment, including motors, bearings, gear units, drive components, and brakes.
  • Unit Handling – Baldor provides products for almost every process in a distribution center, from line shaft conveyors to high cycling induction conveyors and brake meter belts.
  • Water & Wastewater – As populations grow, so does the demand for water and wastewater capacity, reduced operating costs, and improved reliability. Baldor builds the energy efficient pump, motor, and gearing products needed to meet these demands.


Visit baldor.com for motor information such as wiring diagrams, engineering data, and parts lists. Square One Electric is where to buy Baldor motors at discounted prices. 

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