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ACS250-03U-03A1-6 ABB VFD Drive 2hp 3.1Amp 600V 3Ph

ABB three phase input variable frequency drive ACS250-03U-03A1-6 is a useful tool for industrial machinery and equipment..

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    ABB ACS250-03U-03A1-6 VFD drives are usable in many industries, from HVAC to manufacturing to building maintenance. These three phase, 500-600Volt drives with offer user friendly features, including easy set up with the ABB common programming structure. Enjoy quick start macros to get things up and running without a lot of headaches. This variable frequency drive also features a built-in braking chopper that allows connection to remote braking resistor for enhanced performance.

    New features include: sensorless vector control for both AC induction and PM motors, enhanced short circuit protection, and operating mode selection. New ratings have been added to fill out the product line. All of the existing features of the ACS250 - parameters, external dimensions, mounting locations, etc. - are the same for the ACS250. An Advanced parameter menu has been added for additional functionality

    It’s easy to see why ABB drives are so popular and can be found in all sorts of applications - pumps, fans, mixers, and conveyors – both variable and constant torque. More features for ABB micro drives include:

    • 500-600 volt three phase input and 575 volt three phase output
    • V/Hz control for linear (CT) or squared (VT) applications or sensorless vector control
    • Built in PI control
    • 150% overload capacity for 1 minute or 175% for 2 seconds
    • IP20 Enclosure with wall or DIN rail mount
    • Integrated keypad with operator interface and local speed control
    • Optional remote mount keypad kit and parameter copying tool


    Be sure to follow safety measures when working with a variable speed drive and motor; be sure that power is disconnected and all capacitors are discharged. Visit our VFD blog for tech tips and more!